plasma tv

Don’t let the plasma TV screen dominate your living room. Picture Houses’ Award-winning plasma TV fireplaces and TV furniture hide your plasma or LCD TV inside a fully working fireplace or cabinet.

This is pure home cinema heaven for you and your family, beautiful interior design and leading edge technology living in perfect harmony.

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Fully working fireplace including 2kW electric fire
Accepts any Plasma or LCD TV up to 50″
Remote controlled, TV automatically lifts into view
Switches TV off automatically on closing
All your wires and cables hidden from view
Free standing. No chimney or flue required
Fire is also remote controlled to turn the heat on and off and adjust temperature
Space for the DVD and cable box
Creates one focal point for your room
Correct viewing height for the TV
TV secured against theft
Hang a mirror or picture above the fireplace. The TV simply glides up in front of your picture
“Smooth-Glide” operation allows you to decorate your mantle like you would any standard fireplace
Heat from fire does not affect the TV
Option of Infrared or RF remote controls
Self-Install or fitting service available
Patented design and technology, CE Approved

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